Super Tours

Going on a huge tour is a challenge, and even tougher to create and maintain a great website that inspires others to tour as well.  The profiles below are tourers who went on an epic tour and created a great website that inspires bicycle travel.  This section is more than just links to those pages though, it’s a tribute to the people who  have done this.  For that reason, if their website is lost, their profile will remain!!

Super Tours include all of the following:

  • The tour covers several countries and at least 6,000 miles, but the bottom line is that the editor believes the tour would be inspiring for most of this site’s followers.

  • A well documented tour website which is easy to follow.  It certainly doesn’t need to be presented in english, but it does need to be inspiring.

  • Each tourer here has a bike featured in The Loaded Touring Bike – Photo Gallery.

Why would you want your web link here?  A couple of really good reasons:
1) This worldwide site has been around for over 10 years.  It will be representing you for years to come…for free and so far, free of any ads.
2) The Gallery averages 5,000 page visits a day or just under 2 million a year, from around the world, and many who will be very new to touring.

If you know of such a tour and journal website, send me a note with Super Tour in the subject line and I’ll take a look.

Super Tours!!

Iohan Gueorguiev

Julian Wong

Mirjam Wouters

Eric and Amaya

The Vogel Family

Frank Raphael and Franka Leiterer

Nicole Franke and Tobias Pieper

Rob Lilwall

Peter Gostelow

Nicolai Bangsgaard

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