Bike Submissions Information

This gallery was drawing between 4,000 – 6,000 page views a day the last time I checked.  Impressive, but no surprise as it’s had a truly worldwide audience since 2006.

So what will it take for you to get a photo in this amazing gallery today?  Here is the simple formula:

Photo Example

A)  Expedition loads.  Front and rear bags, etc.  We love all cyclist and all tourers but this website and gallery is where tourers come to dream about big, multi-border life changing rides.

B)  The background has to be either interesting or inspiring.  Our target is stunningly beautiful images and as a professional photographer, I donate my time to your photo to offer a little help with composition, sharpening, contrast, white balance, etc…but you have to take a good photograph to start with.

3 examples with interesting backgrounds are: 373, 374 and 375.

3 examples with inspiring backgrounds are: 357, 365 and 416.

C)  The loaded bike/bikes need to be shot from the side, in the foreground.

D)  The image needs to be very large (1700 pixels tall or taller for a landscape/horizontal image), sharp and in focus.

There are so many more examples in the gallery, but keep in mind that the standards have been raised. No more bikes with just a wall as a background, for instance.

In rare cases, I will bend the rules a little to allow a special bike or a stunning image to be included.  I said bend, but not by much and not often.

Here are a few tips to help you:

1)  Carry a good camera.  They aren’t expensive anymore.
2)  Stop where you think “Nice!” or “Wow, look at that!”
3)  Get a photo of the bike in front of that nice or interesting scene.
4)  Repeat this often during your tour and your bike photos will improve.

Flags on your bike:  No thanks.
I have nothing against where you’re from; I don’t even know!  Flags are a distraction and often point to somewhere other than where you’re riding.  Please remove flags before taking photos for the gallery.  If this just didn’t happen for you, I can digitally remove a flag in most cases.

No bike owners or tourers posing with the bikes.

Details to include with your submission:

Your Name: (both names if the bike is a tandem)
The Place: (country, province, state, etc.):
The Bike: (brand and model):
The Journal: (a link to your functioning tour journal if you have one)


(if that link doesn’t work for you then try loadedtouringbikes on gmail)

Note:  If you don’t hear back from me within a few days, I may be sick, on vacation, hiding from the authorities, competing in the Olympics, or something.  On the other hand, if you obviously didn’t read the submission guidelines I took time in writing, you may not hear from me at all.    :)

…and Thank You from the viewing world.  I’ve received thousands of emails from people telling me that this gallery inspired them to tour for the first time or to tour again.  They in turn submit images as a way to pay back and to offer the same inspiration to others.



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