Cycling Silk



This is where expeditions using the bicycle to help riders complete a mission will be remembered.  Many have been forgotten or if not, they’ve dropped off the internet when hit counts and interest fell away from their webpages.

This page will not only help preserve our knowledge of cycling expeditions as they move into the past, but it will also provide a source of inspiration for those looking to set the wheels in motion for expeditions of their own.

An expedition is not a tour with the word expedition interjected into the title.  For purposes of this site, a bicycle expedition is a mission driven event with a declared objective, and the following attributes:

  • 2 or more months in length.

  • Includes a work element beyond that of a normal bike tour, usually involving one of the following:  scientific purpose, new areas of exploration or negotiating effects on political, social or environmental conditions.

  • Well documented with a written objective/mission and records that show work was done towards that purpose.

  • A website is not needed but it would be handy to have photos or scanned articles for the page I will host here.

This area of the site may move at a glacial pace since true bicycle expeditions rarely occur.  If you know of such event (even from the past) send me what details you have with Expedition in the subject line of your email and I’ll look into it.

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