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The Loaded Touring Bike website is an immensely popular and worldwide collection of hundreds of high quality images of loaded touring bikes, on tour.

About Ron Wheeler, the creator and editor of this site:

Ron has had several causes to which he has donated much time, effort and support, with cycling and bicycle touring being among them.

To help within his own community, he became a licensed bicycling safety instructor, teaching cycling safety to children and adults, as well as within his own workplace.

In a former state of residence he created the first bicycling club known to focus completely on self-supported bicycle touring and that group is still touring today.

When a town in the US banned bicycling within their city limits, effectively cutting off the ability to ride through the area, Ron started and led a boycott of the town.  In doing so, he rallied thousands of people and gave state representatives a base to draw additional support from, and the ban was eventually ruled as being against state law.

Ron has toured many parts of the world by bicycle and is a professionally trained, life-long photographer and retired marketing professional.

The Loaded Touring Bike – Photo Gallery is Ron’s gift to cyclists and the bicycle touring world, funded 100% by him alone for now over 12 years.  A tribute created to reach beyond the boundaries of written language.  Now in 2017, the gallery pages have been viewed over 17,000,000 times.

Ron continues to be an advocate for bicycle travel, as well as a tourer.

Tailwinds and Safe Travels!

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