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The Loaded Touring Bike website is a continuation of the original Fully Loaded Touring Bike – Photo Gallery website. An immensely popular and worldwide collection of hundreds of high quality images of loaded touring bikes, on tour.

As a long time bicycle tourer and photographer, I had an early vision of such a site, though little knowledge in how to make it happen.  I had no doubts that it would be big, but surprisingly no one I’d talked to gave it much of a chance.  In the end, I taught myself how to create a webpage and with 7 images I had the first pages created.  To shorten this story; the website took off,  going worldwide in short order by word-of-mouth.  Very quickly, hit counts drove the site to the number 1 result for Touring Bikes on Google.com in any language.  Over 10 million hits in just a few years.

This is the early stages of the new website and I have some work to do on it so pardon the dust.  The old site had a links page and I’m thinking about bringing links back.  In fact I will but it’s not top priority at this time.

The latest new feature is the Facebook page.  Connect to it and you’ll get updates when new bikes and articles are added.

So bookmark the site, like the Facebook page and keep on touring!


Ron W

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